About the Company

The OTB Container Story

OTB Container was formed to answer a specific need in the manufacturing and distribution space. Recognizing that Memphis, TN is a major distribution and logistics hub for the nation and the world, we realized that one of the most consistently used products in the shipping industry is the small shipping carton. Corrugated and chipboard boxes are being consumed in huge volume daily in the Memphis metro marketplace. This coupled with the presence of distribution centers for numerous national and global companies lead to the idea that with a solid plan, we could build a company to serve an ongoing need.

Large national and multinational companies are uniquely suited to take advantage of the incentives available to them via local, state and the federal government for building a strong diverse supplier base. As a 100% minority-owned and managed company, we now offer products and services that can address a significant share of these companies spending with diverse suppliers.

With over 40 years of experience in printing, production, marketing and entrepreneurship, the OTB Container management team is well prepared to service your company's shipping supply needs. Today we serve national and multinational companies, and are aggressively expanding our customer base in the regional Southeast market.

Phone: 1.901.270.5407
Fax: 1.901.725.4753
1380 Poplar Avenue
Memphis, TN 38104, US